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Major Midget League Playoff Statistics

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Season: Position:

Position Players
16 Evanish, Ben Valley West HawksF3841297045
24 Wilson, Justin Vancouver NW GiantsF3928406836
22 Latta, Josh Vancouver NW GiantsF3619496840
18 Bosa, Christian Valley West HawksF4030265626
17 Zummack, Eli Okanagan RocketsF3714385224
23 Colina, Ilijah Valley West HawksF3210425210
11 Farren, Michael Valley West HawksF4015334846
10 Burzan, Luka Valley West HawksF2916314728
19 Williams, Mitchell Vancouver NW GiantsF3826204625
8 Stephenson, Carter Vancouver NW GiantsD386404658
14 Malm, James Valley West HawksF1814294324
10 Wight, Mackenzie Fraser Valley ThunderbirdsF3623194267
19 Lee, Chong Min Vancouver NE ChiefsF3214284240
16 Shepard, Jackson Vancouver NW GiantsF3713294258
24 Pearce, Harris Vancouver NE ChiefsF3715264144
12 Kaufmann, Kyle Vancouver NW GiantsF3712294122
22 Gurney, Justyn Valley West HawksF4022173950
21 Guiney, Jordan South Island RoyalsF3913263973
18 Coltellaro, Mateo Vancouver NW GiantsF406333914
8 Stonnell, Bradley Valley West HawksD39434384

1 Cole Demers Okanagan Rockets3018841.94
35 Nicholas Tallarico Valley West Hawks2117402.11
1 Reece Klassen Valley West Hawks2017112.38
35 Aaron Jakubowski Cariboo Cougars2015202.52
35 Beck Warm Vancouver NW Giants1813321.89
1 David Tendeck Vancouver NW Giants2012622.10
1 Dorrin Luding Cariboo Cougars1710512.42
1 Andrew Henderson Vancouver NE Chiefs2110732.78
1 Jordan Naylor Fraser Valley Thunderbirds189452.75
35 Paul Tucek Fraser Valley Thunderbirds2281033.17
35 Matteo Paler Chow Greater Vancouver Canadians2581133.39
1 Austin Roden South Island Royals2481053.56
35 Zakery Myrowich South Island Royals177732.86
35 Kolby Matthews Vancouver NE Chiefs207853.00
1 Lukas Shaw Greater Vancouver Canadians216833.31
1 Aris Anagnostopoulos Thompson Blazers2851724.53
35 Liam Hughes Okanagan Rockets104312.32
1 Ben Kelsch Kootenay Ice1841004.71
1 Derek Krall North Island Silvertips2431464.41
35 John Hawthorne North Island Silvertips152803.64
35 Curt Doyle Kootenay Ice2411234.98
35 Max Palaga Thompson Blazers1911145.27
0 Tyler Blaine North Island Silvertips20104.88

BC Hockey is a not-for-profit organization and member branch of Hockey Canada in charge of governing amateur hockey at all levels in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

Approximately 150 minor hockey associations, 55,000 players, 4,500 referees, 20,000 official volunteers and countless others make our great game possible here in Pacific Canada.



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