Teams interested in either hosting or participating in a tournament should read the tournament information.
BC Hockey teams traveling outside of the province or country should review the Travel Insurance Information Insurance Coverage – Out of Country Competitions and / or Players Bulletin.
A schedule of games played among three (3) or more teams, which follows an inter-locking schedule and leads to an eventual winner.
Coming together of several players who are then placed into teams. Games may or may not be competitive and the emphasis is on fun and fair play.
Tournament – Branch
A tournament that only includes teams from BC Hockey (British Columbia and Yukon Territory).
Tournament – Interbranch
A tournament that involves BC Hockey teams and teams from at least one other Branch. PLEASE NOTE that if the tournament involves three (3) or more branches (BC Hockey plus two (2) others), in addition to completing the online application, you must also complete and submit an Interbranch Tournament Sanction Form 90 days prior to the start of the event.
Tournament – International
A tournament that includes at least one team from a country other than Canada. If the international tournament involves teams from any country other than the USA or Canada, an International Tournament Sanction Form must also be completed and submitted to the BC Hockey office 120 days prior to the start of the event.
Jamboree – Local Association
A jamboree that involves players from only one minor hockey association.

 Jamboree – District

A jamboree that involves players from several associations within one district.


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