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After months of searching, BC Hockey found its mascot deep in the Great Bear Rainforest.  Celly made it's debut at the 2018 Annual Congress in Sun Peaks, BC on June 8, 2018.  The name Celly comes from the celebration of team spirit, scoring big goals and the BC Hockey 100 year Anniversary celebrations.

"Celebrating hockey everywhere!"



The Story of Celly

Hello!  I’m Celly the BC Hockey Spirit Bear, but just call me Celly.  I was recently adopted by the BC Hockey family.  I am excited to join their fraternity but sad to leave my many friends in the Gitga’at Territory and the Tsimshian First Nations.  I know they are happy for me and will follow my journey.

Let me tell you a little about myself…..

I got my name, Celly, from the BC Hockey membership who felt that it represents many types of celebration but mainly celebrating goals, games and BC Hockey’s 100th Year Anniversary.  I like it and I like celebrating, so it’s perfect!

I just woke up from a looooooong winter sleep, did some yoga to stretch my legs and am now ready to start my journey down the coast and then around the province.  I made sure to get extra sleep this winter as there’s lots of hockey coming up this winter with the BC Hockey 100th Year Anniversary Tour, the World Junior Championship and the Canada Winter Games, so I don’t think I’ll be getting many zzzzzzz’s!

I was born on Princess Royal Island, the fourth largest island in BC and located amongst isolated inlets and islands between Kitimat and Bella Bella (about halfway up the coast).  The dark ancient forests that made up the geography were a great place to grow up frolicking beneath the giant, red cedar and sitka trees with my friends and family.  This area is part of the largest unspoiled, temperate rainforests left on earth and is known as the Great Bear Rainforest.

My parents, well, they’re like me – they have white fur too!  And because of that, other mammals (both humans and animals) are always interested in the colour of my off-white fur coat as it is very rare.  Well, there is an old legend that told of a time over 10 thousand years ago when the world was covered by frozen glaciers, white with ice and snow.  Over time, the glaciers receded, and the vast land once covered in a white blanket was turning green.

It was Raven who was making everything green; he wanted to be reminded of the time when the world was pure, crisp and white.  Raven decided to make one (1) in every 10 black bears white and promised they would live peacefully in a special, unique place – the Great Bear Rainforest, a remote beautiful paradise.  We are called “moksgm’ol,” which simply means ‘white bear’ and also known as “spirit bear” as we are viewed as sacred by many.

So that’s the story of my how my great-great-great-great (I’m not sure how many greats are needed because that was a long time ago!) grandparent was created.

Spirit bears are omnivores, so I mostly eat fish, berries, plants and insects.  I like other food too like deer, nuts and mushrooms, but to be honest, berries are my favorite.  They are sweet and juicy.

Since I grew up in the Great Bear Rainforest where ice rinks aren’t found, I have only read about the great game of hockey.  My skills need some work, but I’m ready to learn as I got skates, gloves and an helmet, so I’m set!

My momma once told me that not only was I special because of the color of my fur, but also because of my enthusiastic personality and that I am a ball of energy!  I love to make people smile and laugh!  Maybe even dance and cheer too!

I am going to be visiting some of the many communities that make up this special province this fall.  I hope I get to meet you.  If I’m visiting your town, make sure you come over and say hi!  I love fist bumps, high fives and hugs.  You might need to give me some hockey pointers!

Happy 100th Birthday BC Hockey!  I look forward to celebrating with you!

Name the Bear Contest

BC Hockey held the Name the Bear Contest in late 2017 where members could submit possible names for the new mascot.  We receieved hundreds of great names!!  It was tough, but a committee selected 10 finalists and took them to several minor hockey teams for input.  When all the tallies from the young hockey players were counted, Celly was the name.

There were four (4) entries with the name Celly.  The winners of the Name the Bear Contest are:

Lucas Smith Port Coquitlam

For the celebration of team spirit and big goals.

Cole Rohrlack Port Moody

Celly is what we do with our teammates after we score a goal or win a game.  It's also good because we are celebrating 100 years of BC Hockey.

Gavin Damstrom Cranbrook

Because everyone loves a good celebration.

Devin Virk Victoria

We're celebrating 100 years of BC Hockey and celebrate during every hockey game.


We want to see great pictures of Celly from around BC and Yukon, and anywhere your travels take you!  Maybe the pyramids of Egypt or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, take Celly with you!  Get creative too!

Post pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #TravellingCelly and BC Hockey will share and repost these photos.

  • Showing Celly off in your community (random draw)
  • Furthest Celly sighting
  • Most creative picture

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