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Female Midget AAA Alumni

Since its inception in the 2007-2008 season, the Female Midget AAA (FMAAA) program has had nearly 100 players move on to post-secondary hockey opportunities, including National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), and Alberta College Athletic Association (ACAC) schools. 

2022 Commitments
Player FMAAA Team Committed To:
Sara Swiderski        Fraser Valley         Clarkson University (NCAA)
2021 Commitments
Player FMAAA Team Committed To:
Katie Chan              Fraser Valley        Colgate University (NCAA)
2020 Commitments
Player FMAAA Team Committed To:
Jenna Buglioli                Greater Vancouver Ohio State (NCAA)
Devynn Dionn Greater Vancouver Windsor (USports)
2019 Commitments
Player FMAAA Team Committed To:
Jaden Cherry Fraser Valley Winsdor (USports)
Nina Jobst-Smith                Greater Vancouver UBC (USports)
Jennifer Gardiner Greater Vancouver Ohio State (NCAA)
Stefanie Wallace Greater Vancouver Princeton (NCAA)
Caitlin White Northern Winsdor (USports)
2018 Commitments
Player FMAAA Team Committed To:
Kaitlyn Daly Greater Vancouver Post University (NCAA)
Hailey Harkins Fraser Valley Minot State University (NCAA)
Emily Johnston Fraser Valley  Suffolk University (NCAA)
Wynona Creyke Northern Capitals  NAIT (ACAC)
Danielle Corrigan Northern Capitals Olds College (ACAC)
Sarah Jarvis Northern Capitals Olds College (ACAC)
Jordan McMillan Northern Capitals NAIT (ACAC)
Abby Webster Northern Capitals Olds College (ACAC)
Maryna MacDonald Vancouver Island Harvard University (NCAA)
Brooklyn Paisley Vancouver Island Dalhouse University (USports)
Emma Hall Greater Vancouver UBC (USports)
Hannah Green Greater Vancouver UNB (USports)
Priya Sidhu Greater Vancouver University of Calgary (USports)
2017 Commitments
Player FMAAA Team Committed To:
Madeline Ericsson Greater Vancouver SDHL Swedish Women's League
Michaela Read Greater Vancouver Lindenwood-Belleville ACHA (NCAA)
Sophia Christopherson Greater Vancouver UOIT (USports)
Jenna Fletcher Thompson-Okanagan UBC (USports)
Laine Grace Thompson-Okanagan Calgary (USports)
Denver Gray Fraser Valley Rush Olds College Alberta (ACAC)
Cierra Paisley Vancouver Island Lindendwood (NCAA)
Lauren Van-Martin Fraser Valley Rush Martin Plymouth State University
Brooke Vial Greater Vancouver OUIT (USports)
Nicole Wong Greater Vancouver  Mount Allison  (USports)

Future commitments will be updated as they are announced.

2016 Commitments
Player FMAAA Team Commited To:
Victoria Byer Northern Mount Royal University (CIS)
Tiffany Chiu Greater Vancouver UBC (CIS)
Merissa Dawson Kootenay University of Calgary (CIS)
Sage Desjardins Northern University of Calgary (CIS)
Catalina Hartland Kootenay Olds College (ACAC)
Justine Johnson Greater Vancouver Ryerson University (CIS)
Hunter Joseph Fraser Valley Olds College (ACAC)
Hunter Mosher Northern Nipissing University (CIS)
Elexa Pakozdy Greater Vancouver Ryerson University (CIS)
Amanda Pollock Fraser Valley SAIT (ACAC)
Kelsey Roberts Northern University of Calgary (CIS)
Brittney Savard Vancouver Island NAIT (ACAC)
Danielle Wierenga Fraser Valley UBC (CIS)
2015 Commitments
Mikayla Ogrodniczuk Fraser Valley UBC (CIS)
Zoe Todd Fraser Valley McGill University (CIS)
Stephanie McAuley Kootenay SAIT (ACAC)
Ava Keis Northern Nipissing University (CIS)
Chantelle Beadman-Rolph Northern Mount Royal University (CIS)
Jayden Malgunas Northern SAIT (ACAC)
Jocelyn Forrest Northern SAIT (ACAC)
Madison Fjellstrom Northern SAIT (ACAC)
Ali Roine Thompson-Okanagan SAIT (ACAC)
Stephanie Strymecki Thompson-Okanagan Morrisville State College (NCAA Div. III)
Julia Wing Vancouver Island Red Deer College (ACAC)
Katie Lakusta West Coast (Greater Vancouver) Lindenwood-Belleville University (ACHA  Div. I)
Shannon Morris-Reade West Coast (Greater Vancouver) Lindenwood University (NCAA Div. I)
2014 Commitments
Chelsea Wilson Fraser Valley University of Saskatchewan (CIS)
Delaney Duchek Fraser Valley University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Jodi Gentile Fraser Valley University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Kaely McMurtry Fraser Valley Red Deer College (ACAC)
Mackenzie Wong Fraser Valley University of Guelph (CIS)
Valencia Yordanov Fraser Valley University of Toronto (CIS)
Tessa Hare Northern SAIT (ACAC)
Danielle Butler Thompson-Okanagan University of Windsor (CIS)
Jessie Lynn Olfert Thompson-Okanagan University of Alberta (CIS)
Lindsey Rose Thompson-Okanagan SAIT (CIS)
Lisa Campeau Thompson-Okanagan Olds College (ACAC)
2013 Commitments
Hailey Smyl Fraser Valley Red Deer College (ACAC)
Laticia Castillo Fraser Valley SAIT (ACAC)
Erin McLean Kootenay SAIT (ACAC)
Rebecca Blinkhorn Thompson-Okanagan University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Sarah Botter Thompson-Okanagan SAIT (ACAC)
Samantha Rogers Pacific (Greater Vancouver) Davenport University (NCAA Div. III)
2012 Commitments
Alexandra Frisk Fraser Valley Red Deer College (ACAC)
Katelyn Yuris Kootenay SAIT (ACAC)
Cora Sutton Thompson-Okanagan SAIT (ACAC)
Magiie Shykula-Ross Thompson-Okanagan Mount Royal University (ACAC/CIS)
Cassidy Hendricks Greater Vancouver University of Saskatchewan (CIS)
Rachel Budden Greater Vancouver Ontario Institute of Technology (CIS)
Sienna Cooke Greater Vancouver St. Mary's University (CIS)
2011 Commitments
Arianna Castillo Fraser Valley SAIT (ACAC)
Deane Carlson Northern Red Deer College (ACAC)
Megan Spooner Northern SAIT (ACAC)
Breanna Frasca Thompson-Okanagan University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Janessa Jenkins Thompson-Okanagan Mount Royal University (ACAC/CIS)
Sommer O'Shaugnessy Greater Vancouver Finlandia University (NCAA Div. III)
2010 Commitments
Alison Li Fraser Valley University of Western Ontario (CIS)
Kelsey Firkus Fraser Valley University of Wisconsin-Superior (NCAA Div. III)
Desirae Barrett Kootenay SAIT (ACAC)
Lindsey Audia Kootenay SAIT (ACAC)
Michelle Jones Kootenay Adrian College (NCAA Div. III)
Lauren Ruggiero Thompson-Okanagan UBC (CIS)
Nikola Brown-John Thompson-Okanagan UBC (CIS)
Sarah Casorso Thompson-Okanagan UBC (CIS)
Brittany Laing Greater Vancouver Concordia University (CIS)
Lauren Kimura Greater Vancouver McGill University (CIS)
Taralynn Suzuki Greater Vancouver Mount Royal University (ACAC/CIS)
2009 Commitments
Serina Swanson Kootenay UBC (CIS)
Karlie Martens Northern Mount Royal University (ACAC/CIS)
Nikki Dunlop Vancouver Island NAIT (ACAC)
Cali Groenheyde Greater Vancouver NAIT (ACAC)
Justine Denure Greater Vancouver University of Saskatchewan (CIS)
Justine Wong Greater Vancouver University of Prince Edward Island (CIS)
Taylor Salisbury Greater Vancouver McGill University (CIS)
Alexandra Yallouz Greater Vancouver Carleton University (CIS)
Lauren Mallo Fraser Valley Buffalo State University (NCAA Div. III)
2008 Commitments
Alisa Baumgartner BWC-Pacific Harvard University (NCAA Div. I)
Christie Jensen BWC-Pacific Providence College (NCAA Div. I)
Dominique Goutsis BWC-Pacific University of Maine (NCAA Div. I)
Hillary Pattenden BWC-Pacific Mercyhurst College (NCAA Div. I)
Jayme Clark BWC-Pacific University of Calgary (CIS)
Kaitlin Imai BWC-Pacific UBC (CIS)
Ling Ling Lok BWC-Pacific Harvard University (NCAA Div. I)
Sarah Hilworth BWC-Pacific University of Alberta (CIS)
Natalie May Fraser Valley Concordia University (CIS)
Elana Lovell Thompson-Okanagan University of Calgary (CIS)
Taylor McLeod Thompson-Okanagan Mount Royal University (ACAC/CIS)
Dayle Poulin Northern UBC (CIS)
Dayna Reyolds Northern Red Deer College (ACAC)
Jocelyn Marren Northern UBC (CIS)
Leanne Pfliger Northern Mount Royal University (ACAC/CIS)
Chelsea Laing Greater Vancouver UBC (CIS)
Mary Darvill Greater Vancouver University of Guelph (CIS)
Veronica Lang Greater Vancouver UBC (CIS)

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Approximately 150 minor hockey associations, 55,000 players, 4,500 referees, 20,000 official volunteers and countless others make our great game possible here in Pacific Canada.



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