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Risk Management - TEAM First
(Together Everyone Achieves More)

The “Team First” program was developed around two important philosophies:

  1. The concept that a TEAM is greater than the players and their coaches. The team is as far reaching as the Zamboni/Olympia driver, the community sponsor, the timekeeper, and the fans. Just as “it takes a village to raise a child” it takes teamwork, commitment and being a role model by all of the game partners to provide the hockey opportunity we want for our youth. The challenge of putting the team first is for everyone to recognize and respect not only their role and responsibilities but also those of the other game partners.
  2. Sport is built on the POSITIVE social values of fair play: Respect, Integrity, Fairness

We can’t expect people to act within our expectations if we don’t let them know what our expectations are. To assist with this challenge, several resource materials have been designed for Hockey Associations to develop an educational framework that encourages respect and fair play for all participants. 


Chevrolet Safe & Fun Parents Approach Manual / Seminar

These materials were designed for Hockey Associations to deliver a seminar that emphasizes the parents’ relationship with Players, Coaches, Parents, Team Officials, and Associations. It is recommended that Hockey Associations deliver this program to ALL parents/guardians at the beginning of the season. 

Download - Chevrolet Safe & Fun – Parents Approach Manual

Download - Chevrolet Safe & Fun – Parent Approach Seminar – Power Point Presentation

Branch Programs

There are several key volunteer opportunities where BC Hockey provides specialized clinics for participants to gain certifications in the areas of coaching, officiating and safety. It is recommended that Associations encourage parents to review information on these programs on the BC Hockey Website. Click here to review BC Hockey Clinic information


 The following contracts have been developed to assist Hockey Associations to define clear expectations of behavior. Partners are not only expected to sign acceptance of these positive expectations but to abide by these established standards at all BC Hockey related events. It is recommended that all contracts are distributed and signed at the beginning of the season. Hockey Associations are responsible for the safe keeping of these documents. These contracts may be modified to define the association's expectations of their participants. 

PARENT CONTRACT: to educate hockey parents of their membership rights, responsibilities and privileges. 

PLAYER CONTRACT: to define expectations of behavior/conduct and commitment to the team and to the game. 

TEAM OFFICIALS’ CONTRACT: to define expectations of Team Officials (coaches, managers, team parents and safety people) with regard to conduct, attitude, philosophy, and team and player management. 

ON-ICE OFFICIALS’ CONTRACT: to define their integral role in hockey and the expectations of conduct in the management of the game.   They must recognize their impact on the game and their fellow partners.

SPORT ADMINISTRATORS’ CONTRACT: to define the expectations of conduct for those volunteers (association executive members, volunteers, directors, and coordinators) involved in the off-ice management of the game. 

Click here to download contracts

Team Meeting Guidelines

Communication is the key to effective parent/coach relationships. These team meeting guidelines provide an understanding of what is involved in running an organized team through the season.

Download – Team Meeting Guidelines

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable; however anger and grudges are not. Conflict does not take the place of people taking responsibility for their behavior. Our ability to respond to conflict can often determine whether a conflict escalates or is resolved. The following documentation on conflict resolution may be utilized by Hockey Associations to help prevent or resolve conflict.

Download – Conflict Resolution – Complaint Procedure Presentation

Download – BC Hockey Harassment and Abuse Policy

Download – BC Hockey Complaint Submission Form

Bullying Workshop Resource Materials 

BC Hockey recognizes the seriousness of bullying and the challenges that associations have in trying to deal with it.  To assist, the following materials have been designed to educate and assist associations who may wish to coordinate their own workshop.

Download - Bullying Workshop Resource Materials


BC Hockey is proud to provide these resource materials and believes they will be valuable tools for your Hockey Associations endeavors to educate participants to meet the expectations of fair play.

Further to these resources, BC Hockey highly recommends that your Association personalize the delivery of such materials by providing or clarifying your Associations:

  • Mission Statement
  • Goals/Action Plan
  • Policies
  • Procedures and processes

BC Hockey is a non-profit organization and member of Hockey Canada, providing stewardship of amateur hockey at all levels in British Columbia and Yukon.

Approximately 150 minor hockey associations, 55,000 players, 4,500 referees, 20,000 official volunteers and countless others make our great game possible here in Pacific Canada.



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