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Scholarship Application

BC Hockey 2023 Scholarship Application

Scholarships will be awarded to BC Hockey registered members who apply and who best combine the qualifications set below. BC Hockey wants to give recognition to their members who develop their academic and career aspirations, while at the same time nourishing their interest in hockey.

BC Hockey scholarships are open to both players and officials. All players must be registered and in good standing with BC Hockey, or former members playing in the Western Hockey League (WHL) who are in their graduating year of high school. All officiating scholarship candidates must be registered and in good standing with BC Hockey, and be either in their graduating year or high school or already attending a post-secondary institution. 

1. Academic achievement
2. Sportsmanship
3. Hockey participation and/or quality of contribution
4. School, community participation, and service

A selection committee from BC Hockey will review all applications. Successful applicants will be notified before the BC Hockey Congress in June 2023.

Scholarship Availability
BC Hockey scholarships will be made available to successful applicants after proof has been received that they are attending a post-secondary institution of their choice. All cheques will be payable to the successful applicant. BC Hockey scholarship winners may defer receipt of their awards for a period no longer than one (1) academic year, however, deferment requests must be submitted in writing and include an explanation.

Date of Submission
Scholarship applications will open at the end of March 2023. Stay tuned as more information will be released when available.

You will receive a confirmation email from JOTFORM once the form has been submitted.