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Special Event Sanction

The purpose of sanctioning a special event is to extend Hockey Canada Insurance Program coverage such as Major Medical / Dental Coverage to activities that do not fall under regular hockey programming.
Special Event Sanctions are for usage of events such as dryland training, fundraisers, and other activities outside of regular hockey programming. Not all activities are eligible for coverage. Please see the Special Event Sanction Guidelines on our website for additional information regarding possible coverage eligibility of special events.
NOTE:  Only Associations that have applied for the current year's Membership will appear on the dropdown list and may apply for  a special event sanction.  You may apply for Membership HERE.
Requesting Coverage for a Special Event:
  • To request coverage for such events, a Special Event Sanction Request Form should be submitted to the BC Hockey office at least 7-10 business days prior to the start of the planned event.
  • A separate Special Event Sanction Request Form should be submitted for each different activity. However, if the same activity will occur multiple times, such as dryland training, one request can be submitted for all the dates that activity will occur.
  • For dates, it is acceptable to use a span or list of dates.
  • Please include a detailed description. Listing a generic description such as “dryland training” is insufficient and the form will be returned with a request to expand on the activities.
  • All Sanction Requests will be returned regardless of whether they are approved or denied. Processed Sanction Requests will be returned via email to the MHA Special Event contact.