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Minor Hockey Associations

For information about which minor hockey program is in your area, please visit the map below and contact your local Minor Hockey Association (MHA). If you are unsure about which MHA to contact, please contact the BC Hockey office, 250-652-2978 or email


Coaching Stream Clinic Materials

Instructional Stream Specialty Clinic Materials


Recruitment, Selection, Training, Evaluation, Retention, Conduct, and Ethics for Coaches

It can be challenging to find the right coaches. This Hockey Canada resource aims to assist you in the development and delivery of your hiring process with the goal of helping you put the best coaches possible in front of your players.

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ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE with the Hockey Canada Network app!

The network gives coaches and players the tools to succeed with drills, skills, videos, practice plans and articles on your tablet or phone.

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Coaching Program Coordinator

Dave Cunning

Coaching Program District Contacts

For information on the clinics we offer, or to set up a clinic in your area, please reach out to the District Contact in your region: 

Lisa Grabas – East Kootenay

Lisa Grabas - West Kootenay

Peter Moyls - Okanagan North

Kurt Corman - Okanagan South

Robin Deitch - Lower Mainland West

Robin Deitch - Lower Mainland East

Donald Pacheco - North West      

Allan Bristowe - North East

Michael Tuton - Yukon 

Allan Bristowe - North Central

Brian Sugiyama - South Vancouver Island

Brian Sugiyama - North Vancouver Island

Regional Coach Evaluation Leads

For information on coach evaluations, or to set up your Development 1 evaluation, please reach out to the Evaluation Lead in your region:

Lisa Grabas – West Kootenay

Lisa Grabas – East Kootenay

Donald Pacheco – North West      

Wade Balbirnie – North East 

Wade Balbirnie – North Central 

Michael Tuton – Yukon

Kurt Corman – Okanagan South

Kyle Allan – Okanagan North   

Brian Sugiyama – South Vancouver Island

Brian Sugiyama – North Vancouver Island

Doug Bodner - Lower Mainland East

John Holyk  Lower Mainland West