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PAGE 10 OFFICIATING PROGRAM BC Hockey had 4445 certified officials for the 2015-2016 season which was an increase of over 100 officials total from the previous year. The Hockey Canada Officiating Program HCOP clinics were delivered successfully and maintained clinic format from the previous three 3 seasons. 2015-2016 saw a continued efficiency in Criminal Record Check and Participant assessment fee compliance under the processes implemented during 2014-2015. The BCHockey_Refs Twitter account produced over 400 new tweets this past season and gained over 175 followers bringing that total number to over 1000. More than 100 minor officials participated in the annual National Hockey League NHL and Western Hockey League WHL Officiating Nights held in early 2016. The second season of the Minor Supervision and Mentorship Program included online evaluations at the local MHA level by BC Hockey appointed supervisors. Over 1700 supervisions were inputted within the Hockey Canada Registry HCR under this initiative. A total of 746 individual minor officials from 108 different MHAs received a minimum of one 1 online supervision as part of the program. After two 2 seasons 2873 online supervisions have been entered into the HCR while the program has also provided additional developmental feedback by way of video and live game analysis. The Summer Officiating Schools were once again well attended and continue to be a staple of the program. For the fourth year in a row a Female Development Camp was held. This season the 2016 Bantam and Midget Female Championships were used as the venue at which 19 of BCs top minor female officials received recognition and development by participating in the week-long event in Kamloops that ran in conjunction with the IIHF Womens World Championships. Additionally eight 8 BC Hockey female officials participated in the Womens Western Shield Championship.