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PAGE 23 COACHING FIELD EVALUATIONS HIGH PERFORMANCE 1 BC Hockey achieved great success with both Development 1 and High Performance 1 field evaluations this past season. The Coaching Program held several Evaluator Training Seminars as well as an in-person training session in the Lower Mainland. Our team of evaluation facilitators coordinated over 250 evaluations throughout the Branch. BC Hockey continues to lead the country with the coordination and facilitation of field evaluation to our coach delegates. BC Hockey has developed a reputation for facilitating one 1 of the best High Performance 1 HP1 Seminars in the country. Last season BC Hockey held two 2 seminars Vancouver and Kamloops and was host to over 50 delegates. Topics covered in the seminars included Planning to Perform Team Building Ethics and Leadership Effective Use of Technology Defensive Team Play Player Selection Offensive Team Play Teaching and Leading Techniques Penalty KillPower Play Bench Management Physical Preparation Evaluation HOCKEY CANADA NETWORK BC Hockey has been working closely with Hockey Canada regarding the Hockey Canada Network App and how to implement this new technology into our coaching courses. We expect that most delegates will be able to access all clinic materials digitally for the 2016-2017 season. NCMP INSTRUCTIONAL STREAM GOALTENDING BC Hockey played a major role in the development of the Instructional Stream Goaltending Clinic which is now an optional course within the Instructional Stream. Along with being a builder of the technical curriculum BC Hockey was able to play host to three 3 pilot seminars which lead to over 50 coaches Instructional Stream Goaltending Level trained. CLINIC TYPE OF CLINICS OF DELEGATES Development 1 23 513 Coach 2 Coach Level Checking 43 946 Checking 86 1400 Instructional Stream - NCMP 4 58