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PAGE 24 GOVERNANCE REVIEW The changes made by the membership to the BC Hockey Bylaws at the 2015 AGM set the stage for the operation of the Policy Governance Model as was researched and proposed by the Governance Review Group and later the Governance Committee. The chart below shows the design of the new model. Immediately following the AGM the new BC Hockey Board of Directors began their orientation process as well as attending to business. To assist and begin operations under the new structure the following were produced approved and scheduled a A Board Policy Governance Manual b An operational model for newly created committees coordinators and task groups c Terms of Reference for the Board directors committees coordinators task groups and work groups were approved as policy d Presentation and assistance from Policy Governance Advisor Eric Sorensen Although the entire process certainly took longer in the initial year all standing committees program committees and three 3 of four 4 divisional committees attended to the anticipated business in 2015-2016. Each standing committee was populating with members and the committees became comfortable with the operational job of the committee. They are currently attending to the key duties as set out in the Terms of Reference. The divisional committees are populated with members and are attending to business as outlined in their Terms of Reference. In addition two 2 work groups RecruitmentRetention and Truth and Reconciliation have been formed by the Board of Directors to begin the work associated with their respective initiatives. From an operational perspective all task groups were staffed and their duties were performed.