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PAGE 25 GOVERNANCE REVIEW ENHANCED SERVICES All members of these committees work groups and task groups received orientation producing a comfort level with their portfolio. Through the introductory season BC Hockey realized the importance of collecting information on the first year of implementation. To this end the Governance Committee is in various stages of design circulation and analysis of the following a Directors Self-Evaluation Survey b Board of Directors Self-Evaluation Survey c Programming Personnel Survey d New Governance Personnel committee members coordinators task group members work group members Survey e Membership Survey In addition the reports from all involved will serve BC Hockey well in year two 2 of the new policy governance model. At the 2015 BC Hockey AGM a successful workshop was held in which local Minor Hockey Associations MHA successes challenges and needs were examined. At the conclusion of the workshop delegates were asked to consider options for BC Hockey in delivering enhanced services to assist in building stronger organizations. The following took place over the 2015-2016 season Enhanced Services Webinar Series Over the course of the season BC Hockey conducted 12 professional development webinars. These webinars were designed to better prepare MHA personnel to perform their duties. The topics covered were Webinar Concept and Overview of Seasonal Initiatives Coaching the Hockey Canada Network Media Crisis Management Officiating In Season Programming Initiation Program Concussion Awareness Toolkit Use of Video Conferencing Community Gaming Grants Officiating Spring and Summer Programming End of Season Player Evaluation Board Recruitment Strategies Managing Conflict of Interest. BC Hockey Guide to Administration This document is the tenth edition and had not been updated since 2008 a lot has changed. Over the course of the season the 14 sections of the manual were redesigned and rewritten. The concept of the manual to assist in the governance and operation of MHAs was kept intact but a majority of the material needed updates. The manual was completed on May 1 2016.