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PAGE 27 STRATEGIC PLAN LEADDEVELOP AND PROMOTE POSITIVE LIFELONG HOCKEY EXPERIENCES FOCUS ITEMS GOALS GROWTHAND COMMUNICATION 1. PROMOTION Promote the Sport of Hockey Promote BC Hockey Increase Online Presence 2. RECRUITMENT Increase Volunteer Pool Enhance Methods for Recruitment of Volunteers Attract Participants 3. RELATIONSHIPS Advance Internal Relationships Members Hockey Canada Advance External Relationships Align Systems with InternalExternal Partners GOVERNANCEAND FINANCE 4. ADMINISTRATION Provide Administrative Support to Members Advance Administration at the Branch Executive Level Establish Effective Governance Structure 5. FINANCE Maintain Accountability to Membership and Partners Develop Revenue Streams Maintain Long-Term Financial Plan 6. REGULATION Maintain Constitution Bylaws Regulations and Policies Organize and Deliver Certification Programs GAMEHOCKEYOPERTAIONS 7. COMPETITION Provide Competitive Opportunities Stage High Caliber Championship Events Ensure Relevancy of Competitions Offered 8. DEVELOPMENT OF PARTICIPANTS Implement Long Term Development Initiatives Provide Standard Educational Tools and Opportunities 9. IDENTIFICATION OF EXCELLENCE Deliver High Performance Programs Recognize Outstanding Contributions to the Game Advance Relationships with HP Program Alumni 10. SAFETY OF PARTICIPANTS Foster Sportsmanship Manage Risk