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This is the home for all your championship scores! Scoreboards will be updated as the information becomes available. 

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Championships - Host Information

Host applications are now open for 2022-23 BC Hockey Championships! Click the link below for all the information on applying to host an upcoming BC Hockey Championship.

Certified Team Rosters

Certified Team Rosters will be issued from the BC Hockey office, listing the eligible players, affiliates and team officials. Individuals not listed on the certified team roster will not be eligible to participate.

Equipment Check

An Equipment Check List will have been circulated to all teams prior to the Championship tournament. Players’ equipment should have been checked before leaving home.

- Prior to each team’s first game and possibly during the week, an equipment check will be conducted by a Referee Committee Member, with a referee or the BC Hockey Representative.

- Particular attention will be paid to helmets, neck protection etc. Altered equipment will be removed from the game. Of significance are CSA certification and ear protection.

- Mask must be made for the particular helmet and fit properly. Throat protectors are to be BNQ certified. No torn pants will be permitted, if players have zippered pants they must be done up. No large holes in palms of gloves etc.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia

Individual teams participating in each championship are district winners and must be declared at least 10 days prior to the opening date of the championship.


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