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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I)

To help lead change in the cultural landscape of hockey, the BC Hockey Board of Directors created the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Workgroup and the Safe Sport Workgroup in early 2023. These workgroups joined the Indigenous Participation Workgroup that was established in 2016.

The primary goal of these groups is to assess BC Hockey’s existing policies, programs, and practices to identify areas for improvement and to recommend new strategies that will fill any gaps that may exist. The workgroups also help raise awareness and provide education for membership and participants.

All three of the workgroups met in Richmond, B.C. in March 2023 for BC Hockey’s first-ever Culture Workgroup Summit Meeting. This allowed the three groups to come together and meet as a group as well as to have individual workgroup meetings.

Check out the video below to learn more: 

BC Hockey Workgroup Members

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (ED&I) Workgroup
  • Lynne Kiang – Chair
  • Harbs Bains
  • Mark Burgin
  • Dee McWatters
  • Jade Werger
  • Jen Cheeseman – Staff Resource
Safe Sport Workgroup
  • Anita Cote – Chair – Board Member
  • Dr. Michael Conrad
  • Dan Hayward
  • Steve Irwin
  • Mark McNaughton
  • Amanda Nichol
  • Dr. Erin Osterberg
  • Dr. Frank Fowlie - Observer
  • Keegan Goodrich – Staff Resource
Indigenous Workgroup
  • Randy Henderson – Chair – Board Member
  • Haleigh Callison – Chair – Board Member
  • Ben Berland
  • Rick Brant
  • Ryneld Starr
  • Jeremy Ainsworth – Staff Resource

Last season, BC Hockey's theme of the year was Be the Change in Hockey. Check out the video below:

The season was capped-off at the 2023 Annual Congress where the theme of Be the Change in Hockey took the spotlight with seminars covering topics such as Equity Diversity & Inclusion, Safe Sport, Mental Health and Indigenous Participation. The weekend was kicked-off by Keynote Speaker Corey Hirsch who spoke about his struggles and tribulations throughout his career.