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For Immediate Release

September 16, 2021

 Saanichton, B.C. – BC Hockey’s AAA Leagues enter the 2021-22 season with the exciting introduction of a new league name, logo and brand. The British Columbia Elite Hockey League (BCEHL) will now be the official home to the top AAA hockey players in the province at the U15, U17, and U18 level.

THE LEAGUE: The BCEHL is the home to four AAA leagues (Female U18 and Male U18, U17 and U15). These four leagues include 35 teams and 680 elite athletes.

“Our increased focus on these Leagues is much more than just a rebrand of the logo and a name change,” BC Hockey’s Chief Executive Officer Cameron Hope said. “We are creating a stronger infrastructure for hockey in our region alongside the new identity. The BCEHL will set a standard for elite competition in B.C. and operate in a way that provides ongoing support for the entire minor hockey environment. After all, the players who earn a chance to compete at this level in the future are lacing up right now in MHA programs all across B.C. and Yukon.”

THE BRAND: The BCEHL logo is designed to be representative of the beauty and strength of the province, while also paying tribute to traditional and foundational elements of hockey in our region of Canada.

The blue, grey and white colours are a nod to BC Hockey’s traditional colour scheme. The addition of green to the logo sets it apart from the past with an added colour that is synonymous with the natural beauty of British Columbia and Yukon. The primary logo includes imagery that is characteristic of our region. Four tall evergreen trees represent the four strong leagues, while a mountain symbolizes the journey that teams and athletes undertake each season in search of a championship. The secondary logo (a League Shield) will also feature the four trees. 

“These young athletes play in the premier AAA hockey league in British Columbia,” BCEHL Commissioner Fred Zweep said, “and we are committed to having everything about the experience be reflective of the high calibre of coaching, development, growth, and game competition delivered at this level. We look forward to seeing BCEHL teams competing for national championships at the Esso Cup and the TELUS Cup.” 

The BCEHL season begins on Friday, September 25, 2021, with 20 teams across the four leagues in action. The BCEHL will be launching a new website and social media sites in the near future. You can stream all BCEHL games live at

About the British Columbia Elite Hockey League (BCEHL):

The BCEHL is the premier AAA hockey league in British Columbia. Originally established in 2004-05 as the British Columbia Major Midget League for players under 18 years of age, a female division was initialized in 2007-08 and played under the umbrella of the Female Midget AAA League. In 2018 a U16 league was created, followed by a U15 league in 2019. These four divisions (U18, U17, U15 and Female U18) now comprise the BCEHL. 

In 2021-22 the league was rebranded as the BCEHL. Its 35 teams span four leagues, competing in 13 B.C. cities and towns. More information is available at The BCEHL Female U18 and Male U18 champions have an opportunity to qualify for the ESSO Cup and the TELUS Cup respectively. The Esso Cup is Hockey Canada’s National Female U18 Club Championship, and the TELUS Cup is Hockey Canada's National U18 Club Championship.