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(HCR) Game Incident Reports

All good things seem to come with a little paperwork, and that includes officiating. BC Hockey officials are required to enter all Game Incident Reports into the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) prior to 8:00am the day following the game.

Reportable Incidents:

a)  Game Ejections: Head Contact Rule 6.5 (c)

b)  All Game Misconducts (Reminder: all major penalties have an automatic Game Misconduct)

c)  All Match Penalties (Including NEW Rule 11.3)

d)  All Gross Misconducts

e)  All infractions under NEW Section 11 Maltreatment (Rules 11.1 & 11.2) resulting in: 

  • Game Misconduct
  • Gross Misconduct

f)  All infractions and allegations under Rule 11.4 - Discrimination 

g)  All infractions under NEW Rule 11.5 - Physical Harassment of Officials

h)  Violations of Rule 10.14 (Refusing to Start Play)

i)  Any unusual situations that should be brought to the attention of BC Hockey