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Female Hockey Zone Leads

What is a Zone Lead? BC Hockey wants to ensure that you always have help and support during your season, and we felt that having someone within your zone to help answer your questions and provide guidance would be a great resource for all Female coaches and managers. Do you want to know how to get involved with female hockey? How about if there are any funding opportunities? Need to get more information on female recruitment? Hit up your Zone Lead and they can answer your question or will look into getting you the information. 
We feel so incredibly fortunate to have these individuals within the Zone Leads. They are champions of the Female game and are there to help make the game better for all. Let’s meet them!
Jen Loewen Female Hockey Coordinator
Whitney Juszkiewicz Female Coach Mentor
Theresa Philips North Female Zone Lead
Chris Burns Lower Mainland Female Zone Lead
Laurie Wishart  Vancouver Island Female Zone Lead
Val Kloska Okanagan Female Zone Lead
Jenn Stevens East Kootenay Female Zone Lead
Jenn Stevens West Kootenay Female Zone Lead