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Are you interested in playing hockey but unsure how to register or where to go? Please contact your local Minor Hockey Association (MHA) or the BC Hockey office at to get started!

There are approximately 150 MHAs within B.C. and Yukon, each with their own established boundaries. Your MHA will depend on your residential address. Once you know the association that you are a part of, contact that association to verify that this is the correct MHA and once confirmed you can follow-up with them on further program information, fees, registration, etc.


Getting injured does happen from time to time in hockey, and thankfully there is insurance available for when it does occur. All injury claims must be submitted to the BC Hockey office within 90 days of the incident. For more information please read the Participant Injury Reports Bulletin.

Players who are residents of any country other than Canada, must purchase primary insurance coverage. For more information, please read the Insurance Coverage – Out of Country Competitions and/or Players Bulletin.

Safety Requires Teamwork and Safety for All: An Information Guide to Hockey Canada’s Risk Management and National Insurance Programs and a Guide to Understanding Bullying, Harassment and Abuse for Parents and Guardians

The proposed model for long-term athlete development includes these main phases:


Learning the Skills

Training to Train

Training to Compete

Striving to Win

Hockey Divisions - Minor Hockey

Minor hockey describes amateur hockey played by athletes 20 years old and younger. Players are generally divided into playing levels according to age.

Division Age
U6 / U7 5 & 6
U8 / U9 7 & 8
U10 / U11 9 & 10
U12 / U13 11 & 12
U14 / U15 13 & 14
U18 15 - 17
U21 18 - 20

Hockey is a fun, safe sport that can be played by anyone, regardless of age or experience. Hockey Canada and BC Hockey provide a range of opportunities to get in the game.

Click the link below to find an opportunity for all the players in your family.

How to get started!

For additional information about enrolling in a minor hockey program, please contact your local Minor Hockey Association (MHA). To find out which MHA you belong to, visit the Membership Map below.

If you are unsure about which MHA to contact, please contact the BC Hockey office, 250-652-2978 or email

membership map

Find Member Associations

For more information on BC Hockey Membership locations, click below!

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NHL/NHLPA First Shift

The NHL/NHLPA First Shift is open to boys and girls, between the ages of 6 and 10 year old, who have never previously enrolled in minor hockey within Canada

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Esso Fun Days

Esso Fun Days are a free, safe, and fun introduction to hockey for girls and women. Click the link below for all the information and to find out how your Minor Hockey Association can host a one-day or six-week program.

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