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BC High School Hockey

The 2007 BC Hockey Summit identified cooperation with the BC school system for the purpose of introducing hockey to all students in BC as one of the most important growth initiatives for BC Hockey to pursue. One strong recommendation from the Summit groups was for BC Hockey to become involved in BC School Sports / High School hockey.

Out of this initiative, BC High School Hockey (BCHSH) games were played for the first time in 2010. The first season of BCHSH consisted of six (6) teams and grew to 20 teams during the second year. In its fourth season, the league expanded even further based on the growing number of interested schools.

The vision of BCHSH is to grow the game of ice hockey by providing a province-wide high school league that is separate from the existing minor hockey season, but which compliments and benefits both the high school and minor hockey systems in BC.

  • To act as a platform for all high schools to develop and maintain hockey programs within their athletic departments.
  • To allow schools to compete against one another in an organized league and compete for championships.
  • To provide players with a new experience that is unique from what they would receive through minor hockey with minimal overlap with existing BC Hockey programming.
  • To assist the skill development of BC athletes.
  • To provide post-season options for BC Hockey student players.

To be eligible for BCHSH league play, all players must fit all four (4) categories listed below:

  1. Players must be enrolled full-time in the school that they are intending to play for

  2. Players must be in Grade 10-12 (a U18-aged hockey player)

  3. Players MUST NOT be registered with a Junior hockey team to be eligible for BCHSH

  4. Players must be registered or eligible to be registered as a BC Hockey Member

To be eligible to coach in the BCHSH, coach(es) must:

  1. Be approved by their school

  2. Attend each game

  3. Hold Coach 2 trained status or Development 1 Certification.

The BCHSH structure is assessed annually and determined by the amount of teams that register for league play.

For the BCHSH schedule, click here:

For more information on BC High School Hockey, please contact BC Hockey at